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 Our Curriculum

Students at Mother of Sorrows Love to Learn!The Mother of Sorrows School curriculum is aligned with the standards established by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, as well as the Diocese of Greensburg curriculum guides. Children receive core subjects of religion, math, language arts, science, and social studies. The Language Arts Program consists of reading, grammar, writing, vocabulary, and spelling. The primary grades also receive phonics as part of their core subjects.

Our program offers a variety of advanced and enrichment opportunities, such as: advanced math, which includes algebra and math competitions; advanced language, which includes foreign languages, English festival competitions, reading specialists, and full Learning Support on staff; science and technology laboratories, science competitions, robotics, and robotics competitions; music, choir, band, drama club and performances, and art competitions; as well as many other additional clubs and athletic teams.

Our intention is to form each student into a contributing member of society, and to develop a heart that cares to the point of making a difference for the greater good. We offer a great environment where students can practice and continue to grow in their faith, with Jesus Christ as the center of the life of our school. We will help our students to develop their minds, their bodies, and their souls for today, tomorrow and forever.

It is important to note: Standards are not curriculum.  Academic standards are general statements that describe objectives for student learning, and the curriculum is designed to meet these expressed standards.  With the curriculum maps in place, schools are continually guided to uphold our commitment to high academic excellence while incorporating Catholic teachings and values.


 Special Programs

​Our special classes have been designed to meet state standards, and to link directly to classroom learning in our core curricular areas. We offer Spanish, art, music, physical education, SmartLab Project Lead the Way, and computer technology to students in preschool through eighth grade. Our students learn theory, history, rules, and processes in these classes to assist future learning in any area they desire to explore.

Spanish is taught once a week for those in preschool through third grade, and twice a week for fourth and fifth grades. Middle school students in grades six through eight have the option of learning either Spanish or French. These classes are taught four days a week.

Our goal is to allow students, if they choose, to enter Spanish or French II when they enter high school.


​The facilities at Mother of Sorrows school are second to none. In 2003, we completed a $9 million expansion. We offer our students the opportunity to learn and grow with the support of a new library, a full-size gym, science lab, computer technology lab, spacious classrooms, family life center, dedicated music and art classrooms, a stage, and a full-service cafeteria.

Our technology department has expanded its resources to include personal laptop computers for every eighth grade student. Additionally, smart boards (interactive chalk boards) have been placed in our classrooms.