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Stanford Achievement Tests

Mother of Sorrows School is proud to publish the average scores from the 2013-14Stanford Achievement Tests.  This test is given to students in third through eighth grade and is administered in October of each year. 


View the 2013
Standford Achievement Test Scores


The test employs national norms, as well as providing local and national percentile ranks and grade equivalents.  The data provided here will highlight the grade equivalence information.  Our students are measured against a nationally accepted norm for each grade level, and then assigned a grade equivalent based on their scores.

In the data, you will see that beginning in third grade and following through eighth grade, our students test higher than their actual grade; remember that this test is given at the beginning of our school year, not its completion.  If we sound proud of every student at Mother of Sorrows School, that is because we are proud!

Please note that the figures given are grade level and month. When the National Norm is listed as 3.1, it translates into third grade and one month.  When exploring this data, we see that each of our grade levels test at an average of one full grade level above the actual grade.


So when you see a MOSS student, be sure to congratulate them on their hard work and dedication to learning. 

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Stanford Achievement Tests