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A Mother of Sorrows School Web Page Welcome


Welcome to the electronic home of Mother of Sorrows School!  Here you will find information for visitors to our school community, as well as our valued students, parents and families.  We hope you will find this Web site easy to navigate, allowing all viewers to find their target information quickly.

Joseph Rice, principalYou will find that through this site, as well as by visiting our campus that Mother of Sorrows School is a welcoming, family centered environment that fosters learning to all who enter. We encourage lifelong Catholic education, starting from birth and continuing throughout life’s journey. 


The Diocese of Greensburg makes this mission a reality by offering educational possibilities at all levels of life.  Mother of Sorrows School enhances those possibilities through caring and positive teachers, focused on educating children, in an effort to find success at the highest achievable expectation for each individual.  Educational excellence backed with our constant focus on Christ’s teachings makes us the school we are today.

We encourage you to browse through this site and learn more about the experiences of Mother of Sorrows School.  It truly is an amazing place; one that I wish to share with any and all interested students and parents. 


This school holds a special place in my heart, as I have seen it grow over many years.  I have been a student of Mother of Sorrows, teacher, parent, and now administrator. God has blessed this institution and for all that, all who enter are blessed as well. 


We honor this blessing every day and hope to share this gift with the world. Thank you for spending time with us and enjoy your virtual journey!


Joseph J. Rice, principal


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From the Principal